The Annual Report Part 2 online reporting system is hosted on the WCPFC SharePoint Intranet -

Each CCM has been provided with a CMR logon username and password. See your Party Administrator if you do not have the credentials and you believe you should be able to view or submit Annual Report Part 2 on behalf of your CCM.

To access the secure site you are required to login.

Enter your CMR account name prefixed with wcpfc\

When you have successfully logged in you should see your username in the top right corner and the list titled Compliance Monitoring Scheme on the right side of the screen.  The number of lists/parts under the heading Compliance Monitoring Scheme will change through the year.  The first four lists relate to the Annual Report Part 2 online report :

o    Addressing CMR-201x Issues

o    Annual Reports Part 2 (20xx Specific)

o    Annual Reports Part 2 (Implementation Obligations) (formerly Annual Reports Part 2 (Prior Year Obligations))

o   01-July-20xx Reporting Deadline Checklist

Please note that from 2023 onwards, MTU Audit Inspection reports are to be submitted through the upgraded Record of Fishing Vessels - refer to Entering MTU Audit Inspections as part of AR Pt2 for guidance on how to submit these reports.