From 2023, MTU Audit Inspection reports are to be entered by CCMs into the upgraded Record of Fishing Vessels (RFV) system (  

Purpose of the reporting requirement: The VMS MTU/ALC Audit Inspection results are submitted on behalf of your CCM and in partial fulfilment of CMM 2014-02 9a VMS SSPs 2.1.3 and 7.2.2 reporting requirement in Annual Report Part 2 (AR Pt2).  Previous year reports should be submitted no later than 1 July of the current year to enable their consideration in the draft CMR and TCC Annual Reporting.  

Applicability of the reporting requirement: All CCMs that have answered “YES” to CMM 2014-02 9a VMS SSPs 2.1.3 and 7.2.2 question AR Pt 2 should complete this section.

Steps to enter MTU Audit Inpsections into the Record of Fishing Vessels page (

1. Navigate to the WCPFC Record of Fishing Vessels page and use your individual WCPFC login credentials (see Accessing the Record of Fishing Vessels (RFV))

2. Go to the Manage Vessel page and click on the option Browse my Vessels under the  in the Actions menu.  

Note: The MTU- related information is only accessible by authorised RFV and VMS users within a CCM party.  See the article on User Roles and Access Permissions if you believe that you should be able to view and/or manage MTU information.  

3. Select the name of the relevant vessel from your list of vessels , which will take you to a specific vessels page (for further guidance you may see this article to Find  details for a specific vessel)  

4. Navigate to the tabs at the bottom of the specific vessel page (see screenshot below).  Click on MTU Audits tab (yellow box) to view the list of MTU Audit Inspections that have been reported to WCPFC for that vessel.

Click on Add MTU Audit (yellow arrowto submit a new MTU Audit Inspection Report.


5. This will take you to the Add New MTU Audit page (see screenshot below) and the vessel will be pre-selected.  CCMs can complete the details for the MTU Inspection undertaken in this box as applicable.  The values with red * are the minimum mandatory fields.  


6. MTU Audits may be submitted on the Add New MTU Audit page using one of two ways:-

  1. for a Vessel MTU record that has previously been registered with WCPFC by selecting a MTU unit that appears in the drop-down list for Vessel MTU  - this will prepopulate the approved MTU type, OR
  2. for MTUs that are yet to be registered with WCPFC, by maintaining the Vessel MTU selection with the choice of  -Select a value- and rather choose the appropriate value from the Approved MTU Type drop-down list.

7. You may use Add a new file if you wish to include a pdf copy of the Certificate.

8. Click on Save to complete the entry of the MTU Audit Inspection report.