From the WCPFC Intranet Home Page, click on MTU Audit Inspections link, it will take you to MTU Audit Inspections page shown below.  This list is used for you to submit VMS MTU/ALC Audit Inspection results on behalf of your CCM and in partial fulfilment of CMM 2014-02 9a VMS SSPs 7.2.2 reporting requirement in Annual Report Part 2 (AR Pt2).  

Applicability: All CCMs that have answered “YES” to CMM 2014-02 9a VMS SSPs 7.2.2 question AR Pt 2 should complete this section.

Click on Add new item (circle in red below) to add details of MTU inspections undertaken.

The below box will appear, and CCMs can complete the details in this box as applicable.

Please note that with some web browsers, when you open the form the first two fields (Vessel and MTU Type) will already have default values (as per below). Please make sure that you change these default values to the appropriate values that you wish to record:

Click on Actions then on Attach File at the top of the screen, if you wish to include a MS Word, pdf or MS Excel document.

Click on Save to save your answer for that question and takes you back to the MTU Audit Inspections page.