There is a separate help topic explaining how to join a Zoom meeting.

Entering the Meeting Room

When the meeting starts, please ensure:

  •  your microphone is muted and 
  • your video is off

Role of the Chair

The Chair(s) will:

  • Introduce agenda items and invite presenter(s)
  • Lead discussions along with the order of Raise-hands
  • Summarise discussion and comments and confirm any decision points as may be agreed

Making an intervention

Use the “Raise hand” button to indicate that you wish to make an intervention. The Raise hand button is found under “Reactions” on the meeting controls located toolbar at the bottom of the meeting window (move your mouse in the Zoom window to display meeting controls).

The Chair will keep track of the order of Raised hands so that members have priority with the speaking order. All participants are reminded to lower “Raised-hand” after interventions.

When called on by the Chair to speak, the participant should unmute their microphone and enable video.  When finished speaking, participants should mute their microphone and disable their video. Please ensure you are familiar with the meeting controls prior to the meeting start.

The Secretariat will record the meeting to assist in report preparation. This function is not available for participants.

The Zoom Chat feature may be used for technical support and as an option for providing interventions or statements to assist the rapporteur with producing the meeting report. It is not used for questions or comments to the meeting Chair.

Technical Support

If you experience any issues or difficulties with the online meeting platform during the meeting, please contact IT Support via email (