The CCFS is a secure web application accessed at -

To access the CCFS you must first login and have appropriate permissions assigned by the Party Administrator. See your Party Administrator if you do not have the credentials and you believe you should be able to view or enter comments into the CCFS on behalf of your CCM.

The login to CCFS is the same login used to access other online resources such as secure meeting documents and the online discussion forum. It is typically your email address and whatever password you have selected. If you have forgotten your password follow the instructions to reset it here - Changing your WCPFC password : WCPFC (  


The CCFS Home page displays a pie chart indicating the number of outstanding cases your CCM is involved in either as a Flag State, Coastal CCM (EEZ), Observer provider, Chartering CCM and/or for Article 25(2) cases as the Initiating CCM.  Note, the counts of cases includes all types of cases, including ROP Pre-Notification Issues (PAI) cases.  If no boxes are selected or if there are no applicable cases for your CCM, the words ‘No Data Found’ will be seen instead of the pie chart.

By default, the pie chart shows only open cases. 

Use the check boxes to display Open Cases, Closed Cases or both.  

Clicking on any of the slices of the pie will take you to a list of cases filtered by the type of involvement you have selected. 


The CCFS Home page shown above has 4 tabs at the top which are used as follows:

1. CCFS Home –is the first screen you will see when you login (see above)

2. Case Files – shows a list of ALL case the CCM has access to based on their involvement.   

If you have navigated to the case file list by clicking on a slice of the pie, a pre-filtered list of cases for the type of involvement you have selected will be shown.  Use the drop-down menus and select the relevant ‘Infringement Status’ for the cases you wish to view at any one time.  

Clicking on ‘Advanced’ allows you to apply filters e.g. for cases more than 2 years old and/or cases of a particular case type (eg SHK or HSBI) and/or cases initiated as Article 25 (2) investigations, as well as to identify cases where an observer report has been or has not been received.  

To download your selected table of cases, scroll to the bottom of the page and click

3. Dashboard – Provides a reporting tool CCMs can use to review the status of cases for individual, groups of CCMs or all CCMs. Other reports may be added over time as required by members.  Select the CCM or CCMs and the relevant reporting year or years.  Use CTRL to select multiple CCMs or Year(s).


4. Subscription – An email digest is produced each day listing all the cases you have access to that have been created or modified in the last 24 hours. Use this tab to set up or remove your daily email notification of changes to your case files (Turn on or turn off CCFS email alerts).  

If you have any trouble accessing the CCFS please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat -