Fished/Not Fished status reports are available for completion from 1 January each year and must be submitted by no later than 1 July to meeting reporting requirements for Annual Report Part 2. All CCMs are encouraged to submit their reports as early as possible.

To submit your Fished/Not Fished report, go to the Manage Vessel page and click on the option Fished/Not Fished Status in the Actions menu.

As shown in the below image, select the Year the report is being submitted for to view the list of vessels active on the RFV at any time in that reporting year. Then check the boxes beside the relevant vessel names to identify those that fished and then select Mark as FISHED from the Operations field and click Apply to Selected to apply the status for those vessels which will show in the Fished Status column. 

Repeat these steps for the remaining vessels to assign the correct status. Other status options are DID NOT FISH or NOT APPLICABLE.

Use the CSV button at the bottom of the page at any time to download the table as an Excel file. 

If a vessel(s) is missing, please email the Secretariat at with the details.