Bulk loading vessels allows a user with the RFV Editor role to edit the details for multiple vessels using an Excel template. Vessels can be added, modified and deleted using the bulk load template. This feature is available from the "Action" menu block in the "Manage Vessels" section of the RFV site.

Uploading a spreadsheet will validate the content and provide feedback to the user if data is not in the correct format. The template has been designed to comply with the latest version of the "Standards, specifications and procedures for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Record of Fishing Vessels".

The template includes the following sheets to assist when compiling the codes:

  • Ports
  • Vessel Types
  • Countries
  • Fishing Gear Types
  • Units e.g. Type of length, Type of tonnage, Unit of depth, Units of fish hold capacity etc.

The second column of the template refers to the "Data action code". This can only be one of:

  • ADDITION - where the vessel is new to the RFV.
  • MODIFICATION - where any of the vessel details have changed and a new version of the vessel will be created. To correct an error in the vessel details, use the individual vessel edit process.
  • DELETION - where the vessel is to be removed from the RFV and a Reason for Deletion is provided.

Not all fields have to be provided for updates (and deletes). If you leave columns blank, the data will not be changed from the previous version. It is not possible to "blank" existing values using the bulk upload process. These must be done through the individual vessel edit process.

Date values must be formatted in Excel using the built-in date format choice. The import will accept dates formatted with any of the regional formatting options provided it is a built-in format.

Photos must be provided as a compressed file archive in the Zip format. The column in the Excel template must contain the filename and match exactly to the filename including the file extension.

Feel free to contact the Secretariat with any questions or if you would like to arrange a trial to upload bulk data anytime.