Find the vessel using the techniques described in "Finding vessel details for a specific vessel", go to the details page of the vessel to be edited.

There are two ways to make an edit to vessel details. It is important to understand the difference between the following methods:

  1. Change Details - Select Change Details when the information previously submitted was correct at the time it was submitted, but something about the vessel or its operations have changed. This method retains the vessel history over time.
  2. Correct a Mistake - Select Correct a mistake when information submitted was incorrect at the time it was submitted. This does not create a new version of the vessel, however the changes are saved in an audit log for reference by the Secretariat.

The following screenshot shows the two operations that are available for users with RFV_Editor role. If you do not see these options, and you have the RFV_Editor role, the vessel was submitted by another Flag CCM. It is only possible to edit vessels that are submitted by the same CCM as the person logged in.

Vessel details are to be provided in accordance with the latest version of the "Standards, specifications and procedures for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Record of Fishing Vessels"