From the Manage Vessels page in the Actions Menu box click on the option to Add Vessel to the Record.

The first step when adding a vessel is always to enter the IMO number first. This will check the details for the vessel have not been entered by someone else or otherwise already exists in the RFV database for any reason.

If the vessel is already in the system, you will be presented with a "Change of Vessel Details" form allowing you to check the vessel information that exists in the system and make changes if they are necessary. See the article - Updating Vessel details.

If the system does not find the vessel with a matching IMO number, the "Add New Vessel" form is displayed allowing you to enter the relevent vessel details including vessel photographs and authorisation details.

Vessel details are to be provided in accordance with the latest version of the "Standards, specifications and procedures for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission Record of Fishing Vessels"