1. WCPFC provides a transhipment e-reporting system (TSER) for CCMs to review and analyse the transhipment reports they have provided to WCPFC.  

2. This tool is available to any CCM involved in high seas transhipments regardless of whether a CCM directly enters transhipment notifications and declarations into TSER or emails reports to the Secretariat for data entry.

3. When using the WCPFC website CCM portal to access the e-reporting system either select Transhipment Regulation Scheme on the side bar on the left hand side of the screen and then Transhipment Reports (yellow) OR click on the link under the heading 'High Seas transhipment (TSER) report' (green). Please see the below image for both these options.

4. As described on the webpage, this system allows CCMs to view their transhipment events and to drill down into the details of individual transhipment notifications and declarations received by the Secretariat.  This will help to identify missing or late reports.  There are also filters to use to assist in examining specific transhipment events in more detail (see below).

5. The Secretariat provides online demonstrations and guidance to CCMs getting started with TSER reports.  Please contact the Secretariat at transhipment@wcpfc.int so we can help you get started.