There are two ways to the find the case(s) you want from the CCFS Home Page - using the pie chart or the Case Files tab.

Using the pie chart


The CCFS Home page pie chart indicates the number of outstanding cases your CCM is involved in as a Flag State, Coastal CCM (EEZ), Observer provider, Chartering CCM and/or for Article 25(2) cases as the Initiating CCM.  Note, case counts include all types of cases, including PAI (Pre-notification) cases.  If no boxes are selected or if there are no applicable cases for your CCM, the words ‘No Data Found’ will be seen instead of the pie chart. 


Use the check boxes to display Open Cases, Closed Cases or both then click on the slice of the pie to go to Case File tab which will show you your list of pre-filtered cases for the type of involvement you selected. You can then use extra filters to focus in on the case(s) you want.

Using the Case File tab


Clicking on the Case Files tab from the Home Page will take you to the Case File home screen which will have a list of all cases you are involved in. You can then use filters to focus in on the case(s) you want.


Once you have moved to the Case File tab using either of the above methods, use the filters at the top of the page to select for only those cases you are interested in accessing e.g. ‘Involvement’, ‘Vessel’, ‘Infringement Status’.  

Clicking on ‘Advanced’ allows you to apply additional filters e.g. for cases more than 2 years old and/or cases within a particular category e.g. SHK or CWS and/or cases initiated as Article 25 (2) cases as well as to identify cases where an observer report has been or has not been received.

When you have selected all the variables you want, click

Once you have the list of cases, click on the Case ID of any individual case to view, update responses, send observer provider requests or, for ‘Observer Providers’, manage observer provider requests, manage requests for observer reports.  

Or you can scroll to the bottom of the page to download your selected table of cases, by selecting   


To support CCMs review of the relevant cases in the CCFS that are older than 2 years, the online CCFS "Case Files" list provides a filter under Advanced to "Show only cases > 24 months" (see below).  The list provides CCMs/Parties based on their selection of "Involvement in Case" to view an updated list of cases that have been in the compliance case file system for two or more years and that remain open (i.e have an Infringement Status of New Case or Investigation IN PROGRESS).