This list is intended to be used by CCMs from mid-September (at least 15 days prior to TCC each year)  (the exact deadlines each year are provided on the WCPFC Compliance Monitoring Scheme webpage) this is the period that the full draft Compliance Monitoring Report is available for review by all CCMs.  

The Secretariat has reviewed the additional information provided in CCM replies, and has updated the “Potential Issue”, “Secretariat Explanation”, “CCM additional information” and “Summary of Issue” columns within the full draft CMR. The full draft CMR includes CCM replies and notes on any additional information received by WCPFC as at 28 days prior to TCC each year.  The full draft CMR also confirms when additional information was provided in CCM replies in response to “capacity development plans”.

Accessing full CMR potential issues - 20xx

From the WCPFC Intranet Home Page, click on “Full dCMR Potential Issues - 20xx” link.  A list will be provided containing all the potential issues that have been identified by the Secretariat in the full dCMR for consideration by TCC.    Click the three dots (…) next to the CMR Requirement column for the CCM and issue you wish to review, then click on View item, a pop-up form will open as shown below...

The CMR requirements include two letter codes that refer to the relevant section of the CMR

IM: Implementation                                          RP: Report

QL: Quantitative Limits                                     DL: Report Deadline