This list is intended to be used by CCMs from late July (at least 55 days prior to TCC each year) - late August (no later than 28 days prior to TCC each year) (the exact deadlines each year are provided on the WCPFC Compliance Monitoring Scheme webpage) this is the period that the preliminary draft Compliance Monitoring Report that is sent to each CCM for their review.  

The list is specific for each CCM and will contain a row for each of the CMM paragraphs (obligations) that has one or more ‘Potential issues’ identified can view these potential issues and provide additional information including capacity development plan using the online interface.  

In addition to the notes and suggested guidance associated with AR P2, the enhanced WCPFC website Conservation and Management Measures site (https://cmm.wcpfc.int) also includes information on the 

  • CMS Risk-Based Assessment Framework, (RBAF)
  • CMS Audit Points
  • Compliance History, and 
  • other relevant information in support of the dCMR, including relevant CCM limits and baselines.

Accessing CMR Potential Issues - 20xx

From the WCPFC Intranet Home Page, click on “CMR Potential Issues - 20xx” link.  

  • This will take you to the page showing the list of potential issues for your CCM. In order to provide Additional Information, and/or Capacity Development Plan (in accordance with CMM 2019-06 para 14for a particular obligation.  Click the three dots (…) next to the CMR Requirement column for the CCM you wish to provide additional information (see red circle above); then click on Edit Item

A pop-up form will open, as shown below:

The CMR requirements include two letter codes that refer to the relevant section of the CMR

IM: Implementation                                          RP: Report

QL: Quantitative Limits                                     DL: Report Deadline

On the above form, there are two text box fields relevant to CMR replies named ‘CCM Additional Information’, and ‘Capacity Development Plan’ (see orange rectangles above).  Use these fields to provide any information as applicable relevant to this particular obligation (‘CMR Requirement’).  Click on Attach File at the top of the screen, if you wish to include a MS Word, pdf or MS Excel document.  (see orange circle above)

Click on Save to save your answer for that question and takes you back to the “CMR Potential Issues – 20xx” screen and you can see your text has been included there.

If needed, you can change and/or amend information already entered simply by following the above procedure (i.e. click on three dots first, then click ‘Edit’, etc.)

Capacity Development Plan template

CCMs may recall that CMM 2019-06 paragraph 14-21 allows CCMs to submit a Capacity Development Plan with their draft CMR, that:

(i) clearly identifies and explains what is preventing that CCM from meeting that obligation; 

(ii) identifies the capacity building assistance needed to allow that CCM to meet that obligation; 

(iii) estimates the costs and/or technical resources associated with such assistance, including, if possible, funding and technical assistance sources where necessary; 

(iv) sets out an anticipated timeframe in which, if the identified assistance needs are provided, that CCM will be able to meet that obligation.

To this end, a text box is provided in the ‘CMR Potential Issues’ list for CCMs to submit a Capacity Development Plan, if needed.  As tasked by WCPFC13, paper template for Capacity Development Plan has been prepared to assist CCMs in providing required information for CMM 19-06 paragraph 14 and is available at https://www.wcpfc.int/compliance-monitoring  CCMs are encouraged to use this template for its Capacity Development Plan and include it as an attachment with your replies in the CMR Potential Issues list.

” page.