People wishing to attend a WCPFC meeting can register themselves to participate in a meeting, and have the Party Administrator approve the registration, or the Party Administrator can register and approve participants using a bulk registration feature.

Individual Registrations

Each meeting has a registration button on the meeting home page. It is recommended that delegates wishing to participate in a WCPFC meeting login to the WCPFC website and register themselves. By logging in prior to registration, most of the details are filled in automatically and it ensures users are able to access any secure content prior to the meeting start.

Managing Multiple Registrations - Party Administrator Only

Each meeting has a "Registrations" tab that is only available to Party Administrators. The Registrations tab has three tabs to manage:

  • Registrations - Displays a list of those delegates currently registered for the meeting and provides the option to approve/unapprove registrations
  • Notifications - Manage who will receive email notifications whenever meeting documents are added or updated
  • Unregistered Users - Bulk register and approve multiple users to participate in a meeting from a list of users belonging to the same CCM

Registering multiple users for a meeting will create registrations using standard settings of:

Participating Category - Participant in CCM Delegation

Name, Email, Organisation, Position and Address - will be populated using the details saved in each user profile

Show email on meeting attendees list - will be be "unchecked" so email addresses will not be listed on the participant list

Receive email alerts - will be "checked" so the participants will automatically receive email notifications when documents are added or updated

To change the participating category such as for the Head of CCM Delegation, edit the registration from the Registrations list after the registrations have been created.

Users can modify their own "Notifications" from main the meeting page once they have registered, or the Party Administrator can set notifications for using the Notifications tab