1. WCPFC provides an e-reporting system (TSER) for CCMs to submit transhipment reports directly to WCPFC.  CCMs can authorise their vessel operators, agents or vessel crew to use TSER as well.

2. While the TSER is simple to use, it is important that CCMs are familiar with how to use TSER before:

  - entering and submitting transhipment notifications and declarations into TSER; and

  - giving training to anyone to be authorised by a CCM to submit reports.

3. The Secretariat strongly encourages CCMs to use TSER in TEST mode to practice creating, updating and cancelling[1] transhipment notifications and declarations, and submitting them to WCPFC.  This also applies to anyone authorised by a CMM to use TSER.  If you are NOT in TEST mode any incorrect reports you submit to WCPFC will go into the LIVE system.

4. The Secretariat provides online demonstrations and guidance to CCMs getting started with TSER.  Please contact the Secretariat at transhipment@wcpfc.int so we can help you get started.


Downloading the TSER APP


5. Instructions on downloading the TSER E-Reporting application (TSER APP) are on the WCPFC website - WCPFC High Seas Transhipment E-Reporting APP | WCPFC. Each user will need to download the TSER APP.   

The below picture shows the relevant sections of the website page.

6. CCMs will need to contact the WCPFC Secretariat (email transhipment@wcpfc.int) to enable your access to allow you to use the TSER APP; a quick and easy process.


7. The Secretariat will provide you with a CMM passkey. Click on the key (top right of the TSER screen (refer to the picture to the left). Enter the passkey in the space provided.




8. To get into TEST mode click in the bottom right-hand corner of the WCPFC logo (refer to picture left). This opens the ‘Advanced Options’ screen (refer picture below).  


9. Click on the ‘Use TEST system’ red button. This will slide to the right and turn green (refer to pictures below). 


10. In TEST mode you will still need to submit emails of all transhipment reports to the Secretariat via transhipment@wcpfc.int. 


11. Once you are familiar with using TSER and are to go LIVE, you reverse the process in paragraph 8. Please contact the Secretariat so we know when you intend to move out of TEST Mode and go LIVE.  


12. We want to know about problems so that we can fix them.  If you can’t resolve any problem with TSER please contact ITSupport@wcpfc.int.



[1] Please note for cancellations you will also need to contact the Secretariat.