The Conservation and Management Measure CMM 2019-06 tasks the Secretariat to provide a capability for flag CCMs and other relevant CCMs to receive a list of the cases that are available to them through the online compliance case file system.  CMM 2019-06 paragraph 26 (i) states:

26.          At the same time, the Executive Director shall draw from the online case file system and transmit to:

(i)            each flag CCM, the infringement identification relating to alleged violations by its flagged vessels on the online system for the previous year, for that CCM to review with its dCMR. Relevant CCMs, as described in paragraph 12, shall also be provided this same information;

This information is relevant to “FAD Sets Alleged Infringements” “Observer Obstruction Alleged Infringements”, “Shark Catch Alleged Infringements”, “ROP Pre-Notification Issues” and the “Cetaceans and Whale Shark Interactions” compliance case file lists.   

Please follow these steps:

Change the current view by clicking on Print View (see red box in screenshot below) or if it is not showing the view can be accessed by clicking on the three dots () shortcut.  Print View provides a list, in a tabular view, of all viewable compliance cases, with relevant Observer Trip information as well as compliance case status fields. 

You can use Export to Excel option to save a local copy of the compliance cases in each list that are viewable.  To open Export to Excel, click on List tab and then click on Export to Excel button, as shown below, and print from MS Excel export (see orange boxes in screen shot above)