Aggregated tables from the WCPFC online Compliance Case File system are tabular summaries derived from the online compliance case file system and intended to provide summaries by topic of flag CCMs responses to compliance cases in the online compliance case file system.   

The secure CCM portal pages are hosted on the WCPFC Website - See the following link for assistance with how to login to the website - Accessing Secure Content.

Access to the CMR Portal is available to all users with the Secure Portal access role assigned to their account. Assigning roles is the responsibility of the Party Administrator for your CCM.

A successful login will allow you to see “CCM Portal” menu across the top menu (see green highlight below), and then from the left side bar you can access Annual Report Part 2 and Compliance Monitoring Report files.   

The latest CCFS Aggregate Summary Tables will be posted within the most recent Compliance Monitoring Report folder eg in 2020, it was CMR 2020 (see red below).  

Notes on 2021 version of Aggregate Summary Tables

The Secretariat has in response to the requirement of paragraph 26(ii) of CMM 2019-06, prepared an enhanced version of the aggregated report that provides a summary of flag CCM responses to alleged infringements in the WCPFC online compliance case file system (CCFS).  The new approach is a dynamic MS Excel file (rather than a static pdf file) and it contains nine (9) sheets that each contain various summary counts, filterable pivot tables and some sheets also include dynamic graphs.  Two (2) sheets containing explanatory notes are included to support CCMs reviews of the tables

  1. Expl note on CCFS Agg Tables:- provides guidance on some of the codes and abbreviations used in the tables, and supplementary notes on interpreting case counts in the data file.
  2. Expl note theme CMM label obl:- explains the groupings that have been used for obligations, with a view to support the presentation of the aggregated summary tables drawn from the online CCFS and to simplify how CCMs identify the obligations in the tables.  The design of the thematic categories is a work in progress, and the Secretariat would welcome CCMs feedback on the approach.    

In accordance with paragraph 28 of CMM 2019-06, the Secretariat also intends to issue an updated version of the Aggregated Report prior to TCC17 meeting.  CCMs that intend for their additional responses to cases in the online system to be considered in the updated version of the Aggregated Report that is issued for TCC17, should provide these into the online CCFS system as soon as practicable, and before close of business in Pohnpei on Monday 6th September (at least fifteen days prior to TCC meeting). 

Guidance on new WCPFC Intranet list providing flag CCMs with list of CCFS case IDs for “Old CCFS cases (>24 months)” 

The dynamic aggregate tables file developed by the Secretariat includes a sheet “Counts of old cases >24 months” which identifies the list of CCMs and counts of the cases outstanding in the Online CCFS for two or more years as specified by para 34 of CMM 2019-06.  

To support CCMs review of the relevant cases in this category, the Secretariat has published a new list titled “Old CCFS cases (>24 months)” that may be accessed through the WCPFC intranet site accessed using the usual CCM-specific CMR login that was used for CMR and the online CCFS.  The list provides relevant flag CCMs with a periodically updated list of their applicable case IDs for their flagged vessels.  The list will be updated periodically by the Secretariat and considering additional responses to the individual relevant cases in the online CCFS.   

In accordance with paragraph 28 of CMM 2019-06, an updated sheet for “Counts of old cases >24 months” is to be issued by the Secretariat considering additional responses provided into the online CCFS before close of business in Pohnpei on Monday 6th September (at least fifteen days prior to TCC meeting).  The subsequent updated version of the dynamic aggregated tables file, supported by an updated version of the list of cases in the “Old CCFS cases (>24 months)” list, will be the mechanism that advises CCMs of the outstanding cases in this category.