From the WCPFC Intranet Home Page, click on “Addressing CMR-20xx Issues” link.  This will take you to “Addressing CMR-20xx Issues” page.

This list is specific to each CCM and will contain a row for each of the CMM paragraphs that the CCM was assessed to have a score of “Non-Compliant”, “Priority Non-Compliant”, or “Capacity Assistance Needed” in the most recent final Compliance Monitoring Report (final CMR) adopted by the Commission. CCMs who do not have any compliance issues in the most recent final CMR report will see a message "no items to show in this view" and no further action is required.

The CMR requirements include two letter codes that refer to the relevant section of the CMR

IM: Implementation                                          RP: Report

QL: Quantitative Limits                                     DL: Report Deadline

Information that the Secretariat provided in the previous year’s draft Compliance Monitoring Report (dCMR) prior to TCC is shown as (Secretariat Explanation).

To report on actions taken to address each issue, click on the three dots (...) next to the Secretariat and TCC Explanation column (an example is shown highlighted in yellow below).  A drop down menu will appear.  

Click on Edit Item and this will open a box where you can further review the compliance issue (see in yellow above).  

The blue text that is listed in the right-most column under the heading of CMR Link provides a hyperlink that will display all the supporting information related to the individual CMR-20xx Issue from the Compliance Monitoring Report.  

Complete the details in the box labelled Action taken to address Non-compliance.  You can also indicate if assistance is required to address the compliance issue see by ticking the box Require Assistance?  Please include any details about assistance needed in Action taken to address Non-compliance box. Supplementary information can be provided as an attachment by clicking on Attach File at the top of the screen, if you wish to include a MS Word, pdf or MS Excel document.  (see below)

The blue text that is listed at the bottom of the screen next heading of CMR Link provides a hyperlink that will display all the supporting information related to the individual CMR-20xx Issue from the Compliance Monitoring Report.   

Click on Save to save your answer for that question and takes you back to the “Address CMR-20xx Issues” page.