To find the previous year CMRs, please refer to this link

For printing CMR, please follow these steps:

Change the current view by clicking on Print View as shown below:

You now have three options:

a). Use Ctrl+P (or Print button in your browser), which will print CMR as shown on the screen

b) Use Export to Excel option.  To open Export to Excel, click on List tab and then click on Export to Excel button, as shown below, and print from MS Excel export (see orange boxes below)

c). Use Quick Edit option to further customize the way you can print.  To open Quick Edit, click on List tab and then click on Quick Edit button, as shown above (see red boxes above).

This will display the list in a ‘tabular’ view, as shown above.  You can now print the ‘tabular’ view using Ctrl+P (or browser Print button) or you can select the entire CMR (all rows in the tabular view) and copy it into Excel or word document for further formatting as required.  

  1. Select the first row by clicking on the first (empty) box in the row


        2. Scroll to the very last row (or use your arrow key and page down key to highlight all columns and rows than go to                 step 4 below)

        3. Hold Shift button on the keyboard and click on the very last row

           4. Press Ctrl+C to copy and then paste into Excel or Word document